GOD-Level First Lines

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Give your VA this course and instantly have a fully trained first line writer.

The most tedious part of cold email is personalizing.

Doing it yourself is a low ROI task you NEED to hire out.But now you have another problem…

You have to train somebody to do it.

This in and of itself is ALSO tedious.

Virtual assistants & freelancers write terrible lines. They use broken English. They write sensational sentences that you’d never say to somebody in person.

And now you need to spend hours constantly reviewing their work, fixing up the lines, and getting bad quality results for the money you’re paying.This course will solve that instantly.

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Here's what's included:

  • 11 hours of writing & fixing personalized first lines

  • How to research prospects

  • What to say, what not to say

  • Exact syntax of how personalized lines should be structured

  • Hiring system

Here's your plan of action:

  • Take Cold Email Wizard’s course “Cold Email Mastery”

  • Scrape leads with the software apps

  • Hire a first line writer on Upwork or /r/hireawriter

  • Have them watch this course

  • Instantly have unlimited ammunition for your cold email campaigns
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What others are saying...

Jonathan P.

"Ty literally walks you through every step of the process. What to look for in company websites, what context to use and more. It's everything you need."

Oliver A.

"There's hours and hours of quality content in the course. If you want to reach out to CEOs, Executives and more via LinkedIn and email, this course is perfect for you."

Nick A.

"It is the best standard operating procedure for producing quality first lines period. We've been developing great first lines that lead to more and more conversions."

A screenshot of a testimonial about Ty FrankelA screenshot of a testimonial about Ty Frankel