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"Just do the work."

By 22 I won an Emmy, made over $1.1M and reached the pinnacle of the music industry with my agency.

You're probably thinking "All that success, why would he ever stop?".

Hate to disappoint you, but I got bored & fed up with the music biz. Said bye and tore up my agency.

"I learned a ton these last 5 years. My impact helping other agency owners scale would be HUGE", I thought.

So that's what I do now. At an extremely high level.

〽️ "Ty is the heavyweight champ of growing and scaling service-based businesses"
- Kyree Oliver, who's cleared over $100 million in Facebook ads for his clients

〽️ "Ty's systems and cold outreach frameworks are huge reasons for my agency hitting $40K a month. Do what he says and your success is pretty much guaranteed..."
- Nick Abraham, COO of LeadBird.io ($40K/month agency)

〽️ "I'm so busy everyday but always make time for Ty's lead gen & systems insights"
- Daniel Murray, founder of The Marketing Millenials

〽️ "Ty is ambitious and smart. Give him a goal and get out of his way. I think you'll be quite impressed by what he can help you to achieve on a reasonable timeline."
- Shane Hunter, genius marketer who's worked with Frank Kern & Ben Settle

〽️ “Ty is a business mastermind who has made a killing at an age when most other guys chase girls or play video games. He is a genius when it comes to marketing & sales funnels, personal branding and building agencies. He is YOUR guy, go and talk to him!”
- Christian Krause, Account Executive at Salesforce

Right now I'm helping 10,000 agency owners go from $0 to $50K+ a month.

There's room for 10,001, so you're invited to click follow and come with us.

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